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Hands-on care for the skilled trades
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Cooperation is the key to a successful relationship
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Identify, respond and solve problems
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Confidential assistance, information or advice

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Building better lives, one step at a time.

Beat it! Employee Assistance Programs is a leading specialty health care management corporation. For over 35 years, we have provided customized member assistance solutions to organized construction and skilled labor groups. Specializing in the development, design, implementation and administration of EAP programs, we believe that our strong relationship and experience with the trades helps us to appreciate better than anyone the unique needs of the industry and the value of its workforce.

Is It Confidential?

All Beat It! personnel, its affiliates, providers and staff are bound by strict federal confidentiality statutes and cannot release any information without your prior written consent.

How Do I Get Help?

Getting advice or assistance is as easy as picking up the phone, and call... Contact an employee assistance professional today, who will help identify potential problems, assess your needs and guide you to a quick resolution, resource or refer you to a treatment specialist.

What Does it Cost?

In most cases, these services, as part of your health plan, are available at minimal direct cost or co-pay. Please consult your health plan booklet or your plan administrator for specific detailed information.

Treatment Providers

We have an extensive network of thoroughly qualified and vetted providers and resources that are knowledgeable, effective and experienced in addressing situations similar to yours. A full range of treatment facilities, programs, counselors and professionals are available to meet your needs.

Treatment Options Include:

• Residential Inpatient
• Intensive Outpatient Programs
• Partial Hospitalization (coming soon)
• Individual Therapy
• Professional Referral

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Our representatives are available to speak with you confidentially.

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