Participant Downloadable Forms

The following forms are available for our participants (in PDF Adobe Acrobat format) and are online-fillable.  Please download and use the forms as needed and please follow the directions on the form.

This form provides the authorization for Beat It!, the Provider and Insurance Carrier to share information for a limited time fo the facilitation, procurement and processing of any treatment sought through the Beat It! EmployeeAssistance Programs.

Use this form if you have recently failed a drug test and have been instructed to attend meetings.  This form will document your attendance in accordance with your instructions.

The purpose of this form is to ensure that our participants understand the difference between an In-Network Provider vs. Out-of-Network Provider and their potential financial responsibility.  In order to receive an Out-of-Network Treatment Authorization this form must be completed by the participant/subscriber and be submitted along with the Out-of-Network Pre-Authorization Form, which is to be completed by the provider.

Important Documents & Articles

The following documents and articles are meant to assist our members in the broad understanding of insurance, insurance terminology, co-pays, deductibles, etc.

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