Awareness Test for Addiction – Part 2

Please note: The following list of questions can help you recognize when someone you know or love is in need of help. It is not a validated assessment or screening tool and is NOT INTENDED for use professionally to determine need for treatment. It is also NOT INTENDED for use in the workplace and should not be relied upon to document job performance problems requiring intervention.


  1. Recent changes in behavior, such as sudden lack of pride in personal appearance?
  2. Dramatic change in appetite or eating habits?
  3. Weight loss or gain?
  4. Trouble sleeping or a desire to sleep all the time?
  5. Poor performance in school or on the job?
  6. Difficulty concentrating?
  7. Nervousness or agitation?
  8. Loss of energy or excessive fatigue?
  9. Constant expression of worthlessness or self-hatred?
  10. Unnecessary risk taking?
  11. Sudden change in choice of companions?
  12. Drugs or alcohol missing from home?
  13. Items of value missing from home or office?
  14. Lying, avoiding friends and concealing problems?
  15. Unexplainable large amounts of money?

If the number of “YES” answers is greater than the number of “NO” answers, there is a strong indication of alcohol and/or drug abuse and possibly addiction.

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