How to Confront the Employee

If you feel there is a “reasonable suspicion” here is how to confront the employee:

a. Ask the employee to accompany you to a place of privacy.

  1. If they refuse, stay with them and have someone call management, security or the authorities.
  2. Consult your policy or gov’t regulations for “refusal to test” procedures and/or consequences.

b. Let the employee know that you are concerned about their safety (and everyone else’s) and explain that you will have them driven to a collection site for a drug/alcohol test.

c. Inform the employee that the party will also drive them home after the test is complete.

d. If necessary, inform the employee of the consequences of a “refusal to test”.

What’s Next?

a. Call ahead to the collection site, where possible, to ensure that the test is done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

b. DO NOT allow the employee to drive to a testing site – have someone drive them and accompany them to the collection site.

c. Have the accompanying party also be responsible for driving the tested employee home once complete.

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