If You Believe There Is a Violation of Policy

If you believe an employee is violating drug and/or alcohol use or policy:

  • Interview the employee in private with another supervisor or security personnel.
  • Inquire about the behavior, actions, reports or rumors.
  • Inform the employee of your concerns.
  • Allow the employee to offer an explanation for the behavior or observations.
  • Refer the employee to the company/union EAP.
  • Arrange for the employee to submit to a drug/alcohol test according to policy or as required by federal regulations.

What to Avoid:

  • If you suspect an employee has a problem or may be under the influence or drugs and/or alcohol DO NOT look the other way or dismiss it – you need to address the issue for the health and safety of the employee and all other employees.
  • DO NOT become an “enabler” – do not cover up for employee with problems or engage in behavior that will perpetuate or “green light” the behavior such as lending money, making excuses or rationalizing.
  • DO NOT allow the employee to “talk you out of it” if you believe a RS test is appropriate. DO NOT be swayed by excuses, diversions, anger, threats, denials or claims of innocence, attempts for sympathy, tears, pity, etc.

If you feel that an employee is unfit for duty, for any reason, you should not allow the employee to work or continue to work as he/she may be a danger to themselves or others and pose a potential safety risk.

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